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Recover a 10 minutes mail address

Recover a 10 minutes mail address

You all recognize that email addresses you utilize here at Tempmail area unit temporary. this suggests that when you are done victimization them, or you have cleared your cookies, you do not have access to them any longer.

That’s all getting ready to modification. We’re introducing a “Recover your email address” feature.

This feature isn’t super straightforward to utilize, however may be very useful.

For instance, have you ever ever created a 10minutes mail address, then closed out of Tempmail solely to understand later that you just wish to access that temporary inbox again?

Well currently you’ll be able to.

It takes a small amount of proactive work on your half. Here’s how:

Start by noticing that there’s currently a box at very cheap of the page that claims “show Tempmail“:

When you click thereon text, your Tempmail are going to be shown.

This Tempmail is exclusive and specific to it 10minutes mail. Keep this safe as anyone World Health Organization sees or has it will access your 10 minutes mails.

Next, you’ll be wanting to repeat and save the (32 alphameric character) Tempmail:

Save this on your tablet file or where in order that you’ll be able to reference it later.

Now reassess to the page. On this page you’ll have to be compelled to (1) Enter your Tempmail, (2) Prove you are not a golem, and (3) click on the “Recover” button:

If you are lucky, you will be redirected to it 10minutes mail inbox!

* There area unit 2 caveats:

(1) If you clicked the “Forget this email and find another!” button, then you’ll be able to not access that email address.

(2) like the character of fugacious emails, Tempmail will wipe email addresses, inboxes and logs everyday/couple days more or less. Once the email address has been wiped, there is not any thanks to recover it, even with the Tempmail.

Be safe out there!

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