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No causation 10minutes mails

No causation 10minutes mails

When Tempmail 1st launched, we have a tendency to solely allowed individuals to receive emails to their 10 minutes mail inbox. Today, we’re still protrusive with it and not permitting any causation of email from your 10minutes mail address.

There has been discussion on a way to move permitting the causation of 10 minutes mails. although it’s simply enforced, it is not trivial to regulate abuse.

Issue #1

One issue is that folks may then use the platform to start out spamming emails themselves.

Clearly, Tempmail was created to assist defend against SPAM. thus having the potential to be a neighborhood of the matter had no charm.

The first thought was to rate limit a user. as an example, perhaps you’ll solely send one email each five minutes or each hour.

The 2 issues with this, is that (1) somebody may open up multiple browser sessions to induce around that and (2) if somebody solely contains a couple of minutes to send one or two emails, they would not need to use Tempmail as a result of they grasp they’d have wait longer than that to be able to do thus.

Issue #2

Dealing with legal problems.

This issue relates to attempting to know what the majority would use a 10minutes mail address to send from for.

Reasons would include:

(1) Replying back to a particular email sent to your 10 minutes mail.

(2) causation some kind of info while not your recipient knowing your everyday email address.

That second bullet deserves a better look. although it may and would be used for benign functions, it’s hospitable be abused.

For instance, individuals may send hateful or threatening email messages. this is often not any a part of the aim or vision we have a tendency to at Tempmail have for our service.

Even if we have a tendency to enclosed Associate in Nursing originating scientific discipline sent within the email itself like similar websites to United States do, we’d still be (1) not adding to a additional productive society and (2) ought to influence email blacklists and enforcement requests.


At, we wish to assist you defend your on-line privacy. the web appears to be turning into an area wherever you’ve got to trade your personal info so as to be able to use it and that we do not assume that is essentially right.

Sending 10minutes mails doesn’t dead align itself with our goals and vision, thus we cannot be permitting it.

We know there’s a requirement for this feature, however we’ll simply ought to do thereupon demand planning to alternative websites.

Be safe out there.

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