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Chucky Brings the Big Knife in New Child’s Play Teaser & Poster

The full Child’s Play Remake trailer is set to launch tomorrow, but IGN has released an exclusive new poster and teaser video to hold us over today. On the new poster, someone can be seen sleeping on a bed, with Chucky’s hand clenching a kitchen knife in the foreground. It’s reminiscent of classic ’80s slasher movies, which is the feeling the new movie seems to be going for. Regardless of how the movie turns out, we should all be able to agree that the promotional materials released for the movie have all been pretty killer.

What we’ve seen from the new movie so far has been a bit limited. A previous trailer ran only a minute long and didn’t show much of the actual Chucky. However, it did set a dark tone for what to expect from the movie, and wasn’t without its creepy moments. This includes seeing Aubrey Plaza tied up and awaiting potential death, no doubt at the tiny hands of the new Chucky. IGN’s teaser video shows us just a tiny bit more, revealing footage of Andy begging his mother to believe Chucky’s the one behind the killings. Tomorrow’s full trailer will then reveal so much more from the reboot, and it will hopefully include the doll’s new voice now that the role has been officially cast.

As a remake of the 1988 movie written by Don Mancini and directed by Tom Holland, the new Child’s Play will have a lot in common with its predecessor. It will share the same basic plot about a mother buying a popular doll for her son, only to later discover its murderous intentions. However, there will be some key differences as well. Black magic no longer seems to be the cause for Chucky turning evil, as depicted in the original movie. Inspired by modern technology, the new version of Chucky will be programmed with artificial intelligence, and it’s a malfunction in its hardwire that causes the doll to go berzerk. Regardless of its motives, however, the new Chucky does seem to be very creepy based on what we’ve seen from him so far.


The voice of the new Chucky will be provided by Star Wars franchise star Mark Hamill, which was just revealed weeks ago. He takes over the role from Brad Dourif, who previously voiced Chucky in every past installment of the franchise. Gabriel Bateman and Aubrey Plaza also star as Andy and Karen Barclay, who were played by Alex Vincent and Catherine Hicks in the original movie. Additionally, Brian Tyree Henry will be playing Detective Mike Norris, the previously role portrayed by Chris Sarandon. Lars Klevberg is directing, using a screenplay from Tyler Burton Smith

The full Child’s Play remake trailer will be hitting the web on April 18. We can then look forward to seeing the movie hitting the big screen when it premieres on June 21. There are certainly some divided opinions about the remake, but for old school horror fans, it’s nice to see some of our favorite slasher movie franchises like Child’s Play back on the big screen, even if it’s in the form of a reboot. You can take a look at the new poster and trailer tease video below, courtesy of IGN.

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